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Starsailor are:
James Walsh - Vocals, Guitar
James Stelfox - Bass
Ben Byrne - Drums
Barry Westhead - Keyboards

Starsailor, the name taken from the title of a Tim Buckley LP is the result of the amazingly talented James Walsh. James from an early age was using music as a way of expressing his feelings and by the age of about 14 he was already writing his own songs James's influences include Tim Buckley, Van Morrison and Neil Young.

"About two years ago, I remember reading an interview with some band who admitted that Jeff Buckley was an influence," he recalls, "so I just went out and bought his album and I realised it was miles better than anything else I'd been listening to. From there, I started listening to Tim Buckley, Neil Young and Van Morrison. Our music isn't really about him, he was just a catalyst. When I heard him I found someone who genuinely touched me, and I knew that's what I wanted to do."

The band who hail from Chorley in the North-west of England were brought together firstly when James started Music college and met up with James Stelfox and Ben Byrne although it wasn't until early 2000 when Barry Westhead joined that it all started to come together.

In April of 2000 Starsailor played their first ever gig at London's Heavenly Social and at the same time a demo with the tacks 'Love is Here', 'Fever' and 'Coming Down' was flying around the industry. A couple of months later and the band had signed to EMI.

It can't be ignored that NME, though out 2001, have been the big driving force behind Starsailor's success. In January Starsailor were the main attraction as part of their 'NME Carling Awards' Tour. At the At the awards we were told the band were the 'NME Hope for 2001'. A sell-out UK tour followed along with release of three more singles, 'Good Souls' which reached number 12 in the UK charts, 'Alcoholic' - 10 and 'Lullaby' - 36. Also the Album 'Love is Here' (released - October 8th) - which reached Number 2!. A European tour and Charlatans(UK) support slots rounded off a very good year for the band.

2002 sees the Album being released in the US and a tour.

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