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The simple board

Here are the sources of my message board. For an example in action see My message board. The message board is written in PERL as a CGI script. Is is supposed to work on LINUX with Apache server and NT with IIS server, everything else has not been tested.

It has the following features:

Ok. The board is given for free, and you are allowed to use it at your own risk. Here you can dowload the script as a zip archive. if you have problems with the zip file format, you can also download all files as is:
The file listing:


ok, now you want to use this stuff. First of all congratulations, best wishes and all such stuff.
  1. in board.pl and admin.pl edit the following lines.
    (These parameters have to be changed for your place).
    ### URL path where this script resides (+gifies for smilies).
    ### (can also be a relative url)
    ### Where are the datafiles stored in ?
    ### URL path where gif's are stored.
    There are also some optional parameters you can change:
    ### background color of table headers
    ### title of all boards page
    $ALLBOARDS="Michael's Message Board";
    ### style of fonts (is put into body tag of all generated files.
    $FONTSTYLE  = "style='font-family:verdana,helvetica,ariel;font-size:11pt'";
    ### How many subjects are listed in one page
  2. The first line in board.pl and admin.pl is as follows:
    #!/usr/bin/perl - check that this is the place where the PERL runtime can be found on the server.
  3. If you are editing the files on a windows machine: Check if your editor did not turn control-linefeed characters into the perl files.
    download this a small command line program that strips control characters from the file.
  4. Upload the files via FTP onto a directory on your WEB server
  5. Set the execute permission for both board.pl and admin.pl files. This can be done from your FTP client.
  6. Check that the data directory has write permission. (See parameter $DATADIR in the script)
Now we are almost there. Now you should be able to run the administration script.
  1. In your WEB browser: write the following URL.
  2. If everything goes well (as it should have): First thing you do is to change the administrators password to something personal.
  3. Next thing is to add some message board.
  4. Now you can access you board as the url:

Change history

... keeps tracks of changes.

What i have learned

never wrote CGI stuff in PERL before (well nothing as large as this)