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      RiSearch PHP - free search script for small sites. It is similar to Perl script RiSearch, but not all it's features are implemented yet.


risearch_php-0.1.02 (last changes 14.12.02)


  1. Does not requre database backend for index storage.

  2. Template driven output.

  3. Indexing via the local filesystem or via http.

  4. Simple and convenient query language.

  5. Script uses platform independent binary files which can be used on any system. Therefore, it is possible to index local copy of your site on your home computer under Windows, and then use produced files on remote server.


      Search Perl and PHP documentation (3500 files, 20 Mb).

Search mode: "AND" "OR"

Query language

      Keywords should be written with commas or spaces between them. The case is not important.
      The search type "AND" means that RiSearch will find files which contain ALL keywords. The search type "OR" means that script will find all files which contain at least one keyword. In any search regime mark "+" before keyword means that this keyword should be in returned pages. In order to exclude word from results type "-" before keyword, for example "+perl -CGI".
      By default script will return any files where it finds the keywords. For example, if you ask "port", RiSearch will find all pages with words "port", "important", "portrait", "sport", "report" and so on (look at "Indexing" guide). If you wish to find exact word, put exclamation mark after keyword: "port!".


      RiSearch PHP is intended for small sites (up to 5000 pages). Most queries for such site will be served in less than one second. If you need faster search script, try Perl version of RiSearch.

Known problems

  1. This script will work only with PHP version >= 4.1.0. For older version (>= 4.0.6 AND <= 4.1.0) function array_key_exists() should be renamed to key_exists(). For older version should be possible to rewrite script using function isset().
  2. Function preg_replace_callback() will work only with PHP version >= 4.0.5. For older version you may delete lines with this function (script will work, but it will not understand special HTML characters).
  3. There could be another incompatibilities, or they may appear later (say thanks to PHP developers, which have habit to rename functions).


Ver. 0.1.02 - 14.12.2002
Fixed bug in search.php - stopwords are excluded from query.
Ver. 0.1.01 - 05.12.2002
Selective indexing added (indexing only selected parts of document).
Ver. 0.1b - 11.11.2002

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